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100 kudos and 1 jeer and I focus on the jeer which seemingly invalidates my work or accomplishment.

While writing a homily for chapel I noticed Jacob’s response to a dream. Jacob notes how awesome the place is because God was there, yet Jacob was at first unaware. So he took a stone and set it upright as a memorial pillar  It felt like an invitation to notice God all around us; to notice God in the people and places; to experience what is holy right where we are with awe.

We are not so conditioned to dwell on the awesome in our ordinariness. I imagine if I was, the 1 jeer would not mean as much to me. What might it look like if we memorialized the awesome?

Could we leave a stone with the people who have touched our lives through the holy?

How might we place a stone in those places in our lives when/where we realized the awesomeness of what God has done?

This is where I am placing my stone.

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