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Of Cupcakes & Rainbows

I recently went on a short trip to visit my godchildren and their babies. I spent most of my time with my goddaughter and her 2 baby boys – 18mos and 3 weeks. I love watching little ones navigate the “world” because they are always exploring – testing the climate whether that means new sensations or the boundaries of things they have already known. I am enamored of their displays of true joy. And I want to capture those expressions/sounds/feelings and lock them away on very special brain cells designed to protect such precious things. When I need uplifting the most, I will endeavor to call upon these same brain cells to remind me that such experiences are indeed possible.

As I watch, I think back reflecting on my own experiences – of being a mother and a daughter. I consider what might have been the most influential moments of my life. What shaped who I am today? Obviously, the answer is complicated because everything we encounter somehow molds us. But I think more specifically of the things I think matter and how that is different for everyone.

My goddaughter wanted to engage me in a conversation about the love of my life. She wants me to have that special someone and said out loud (with the smile I’ve loved her whole life), “I can’t wait to meet him! He would be so interesting.” Yes, I think he would, too. I don’t know that I ever will. She poetically encouraged me to consider a possible future filled with cupcakes and rainbows. (Cupcake is what she calls her husband.)

One of the discerning questions I’ll have for this future cupcake is, “Star Trek or Star Wars?” I don’t usually think this way – it’s new for me. I definitely prefer Star Trek. And it recently dawned on me why this question should be important to me. Star Trek is based on science. Star Wars is based on myth. (Thanks Timothy McGee.) I have watched them both so I appreciate the mythical and I think I definitely need that part. But I’m more fascinated with my inner Klingon. Somethings about my perception of that culture reminds me of my Japanese ancestry – the honor and the swords (and the patriarchy – ugh).

So, as almost always, I’m keeping an open mind. I’m hoping that the next Klingon I meet isn’t a jerk – that would just spoil everything.

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