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Evidence of my Hypocrisy

In my many sermons, when I speak of our failings with humanity, I almost always make certain to include Creation. I recall what I’ve read about God’s covenanting with humankind AND Creation. So I endeavor to include that part lest we (I) remain or become shortsighted with our responsibilities.

I try to do my best with recycling paper, glass, aluminum and plastics. I am mindful of the importance of conserving water. I am grateful that where I live we are expected to contribute to composting. I throw used/dead batteries in the recycle bin at the local natural foods grocery. I use bpa-free containers.

I care for many plants and speak respectfully to my friends’ pets. I warn bug pests beforehand and give them the opportunity to vacate the premises on their own. And I try to explain to bug friends when danger is looming so they can escape the pending doom of wayward water droplets. I have made crow friends that I feed on occasion – mostly when the weather is good – sometimes even storing food for them in the freezer if I have an abundance.

I read labels. I boycott products/producers that I believe have demonstrated poor judgment in the ways they treat their employees. I make donations of clothes, linens, shoes and portions of llamas, water buffaloes or bee hives.

But, there are some things I don’t do so well. Here is but one example.

Today I had to grab lunch on the go. I decided I should get a salad because I haven’t been eating enough veggies. I get one of those made up ones from the big chain grocery store nearby. It’s a BLT salad with chicken and avocado ranch dressing. I get that my choice is problematic all by itself - healthwise. But as I unpacked the salad that was in a trapezoid plastic container, I saw the plastic fork, the individually wrapped in a plastic cup cheese (that I threw away unopened), the plastic tray that segregated the chicken and bacon from mingling with the lettuce. Then I found the enormous plastic pouch filled with the salad dressing. And while I was eating this salad, I felt compelled to admit this hypocrisy, this neglect for the things I know should matter more to me. There was no way for this meal to be healthy for my body and Creation.

I want to say that I will find better ways to be less hypocritical in the new year. Maybe that’s the challenge I’ll take on for 2020.


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