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I am NOT the Same Hawaii 2023

So…it is possible for me to affirm me while protecting my personal boundaries.

I can embrace the community we share while not compelled to expend energy

I don’t have to appease or validate you.

I can advocate for your sense of agency without agreeing with your lifestyle.

I am, unapologetically, my own sense of complicated – no explanation necessary.

I don’t have to smile, be strong, take it easy or have a nice day as long as those things

are really empty of authenticity.

I needn’t accept your encouragement when it’s couched in admonitions to be more

like you or acknowledge the contrived crossover of our realities as evidence of

your support.

I can love, expect love, and question love, all at the same time -

linearly or transcendentally.

I can love, tears flowing, choked up and fearful while still hopeful, grateful and

in no need of being found.

I am full of anticipation – looking for a path of footsteps to follow or

courageously making my own.

I step into the newness of the unknown with the fierceness of a newborn

demanding to live.

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